Focus East Patchogue, Inc.    One South Country Road, Patchogue, NY 11772            Established 2003 - Not for Profit                 Copyright 2016
   Keeping an eye
           on our community

Thank you for your interest in our organization and our community.  Revitalizing a community
is a long and sometimes tiresome road. It requires residents to believe and trust in the work and goals.
In the last 11 years, with the help of many volunteers and all our elected officials, Focus has made
changes that people can see and benefit from.  These encouraging improvements to our town have
helped return East Patchogue to a favorable reputation, increased the value of our homes, brought
new business to our area and created jobs for local residents. 

It is the residents, in every town in America, that can truly change their community for the better
if they only would believe, and join together to share ideas and then plan how you will accomplish
your dream. It is not a government that makes changes, it is the people.  In America, the citizens
are the government, as it was written, "of the people, by the people and for the people."

If future generations do not believe this basic principle and adopt the attitude as the familiar phrase,
"you cannot fight city hall", then every local town in America, such as ours, would never have seen
improvements or revitalization as we have accomplished to date.

We need you to help as we continue our goal of total revitalization of our Patchogue.  It is a wonderful
town and an historic town as well.  We are part of early American History!  Thank you and God Bless.

The following are some of the changes made since 2002......

*Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts - roof damaged - town giving hard time to get permits, etc.

*Pizza Hut to Columbian Restaurant - (also County manipulated owner to have Bus Box in front of property)

*Bus Box eventually removed from East Main Shopping and Columbian Restaurant

*New Road w/adjustments to plan - needed underground sewer lines for future growth of Main Street. 

*Main Street lights with provisions for flags and other decorations of our choice.

*National Grid - we tried to have utility provide municipal parking after the County redirected the street on Conklin and Main.  They refused but agreed to an attractive black iron fence with evergreen bushes for beauty and to control litter.

*Honda parking area on Main Street.  They removed the industrial chain link fencing for attractive iron fencing.  We want all chain link fencing removed from main street to eliminate the appearence of an industrial area.

*Garbage Pails on Montauk -Town of Brookhaven through Councilman Mazzei's office obtained for us.

*Flags on light posts - celebrating Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, etc.

*Removal of Authorized TV - Completed Park (on north side of Montauk next to Robo)  expansion

*Removal of Tru Value Building and Antenna in rear - Awaiting Creative Investor

*Removal of Plaza Theatre - Awaiting Creative Investor

*Return Supermarket (Best Market) to Swan Commons Shopping Center

*Vacant & Damaged Caldor property replaced by LOWES

*Welcome Sign with our own web site displayed on bottom

*Salvation Army Building totally renovated

*East Main Street Shopping Center installing to sewer line...repairing parking lot...then repaint facade

*Laundermat next to Dunkin Donuts to connect to sewer line....

                                       …and the work goes on….we need your help….

Welcome to Focus East Patchogue
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